How much weight can the shelves hold

While we can't ensure the construction integrity of the wall you are installing your Kernel system onto, we can guarantee that Kernel shelves can hold a lot of weight. Our shelves are designed to hold a wall full of books, or vinyl records, or magazines. This is some heavy stuff. If you think you have something that might be too heavy, send us an email and ask us about it.


Can I change my order after it's been placed?

If you would like to change your order, please call us by end-of-business on Friday of the week you have placed your order. Hurry! We're making sure everything gets to you in a timely fashion.


(404) 448-1454

How long will it take to receive my shelves?

Your order will be on it's way within 5 business days. Once it's on its way, you will get a UPS tracking number to keep track of your order.

Can you rush ship my order?

Regretfully we can't rush ship, but we think shipping within 5 days is pretty fast.

Do you ship internationally?

In addition to the United States, we ship to Canada and the U.K.

Can I update the shipping address on my order?

If your order hasn’t shipped yet, we can change your address. Email our Customer Relations Team at support@kernelmodular.com with your new address, and we’ll make sure everything is updated.

Are you able to update me on the status of my order?

For status updates, please e-mail support@kernelmodular.com

Do you offer refunds?

We are happy to offer refunds for any damaged or otherwise unsatisfactory product. Just pay the return shipping (it comes directly out of the refund amount). You will receive an email containing your shipping label(s). Once we receive the returned items we will review any damage or defects. If you have any further questions, please see our return policy.