Closet Case

Rods and drawers are coming; get ready with closet shelves organization tips to help you create your ideal wardrobe storage solution.

Fun fact: Each morning, the average woman spends 17 minutes standing in front of the closet, surveying its contents, deciding what to wear. On a Friday or Saturday night, she might spend 20. And when packing for vacation, that number increases to 52 — a rather conservative estimate by our own experiences. (While men are slightly more efficient, they still spend 13 minutes a day on outfit selection.)  That all adds up to a significant amount of time in our lives with our attention tuned to one specific area of the home; doesn’t it make sense that we should try to make that experience as pleasurable as possible? The familiar “closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” plight will inevitably recur on occasion, but you can still make each morning a little better with an aesthetically pleasing closet design and an optimal organization system with in-closet shelves.

It’s why we’re currently developing drawers and rods to work with our wall shelves — cum closet shelves. Just like our current modular shelf system, the rods and drawers can be configured to fit your closet space, and the system can grow with your needs — say, if you’re lucky enough to move to a new home with a bigger closet and, thus, room for more closet shelves.   In the meantime, we’re offering a few tips on clothes organization and making use of shelves in the closet. They just might help you reduce the time it takes to select an ensemble each morning…

1. Take advantage of vertical space.

There’s probably a lot more room in your closet than you give it credit for — and it exists up above your head. Putting in closet shelves higher on the wall allows you to fit a lot more, especially if space is otherwise limited. While ideal for off-season storage or lesser-used items, if you keep a foldable step stool nearby, you’ll have a convenient way to access the items on your top closet shelves whenever needed. 

2. Fold bulky clothing like denim and sweaters. 

Jeans and knitwear can take up valuable space on closet rods; pull them off the hangers and
stack them neatly on closet shelves instead. They’re perfect for folding and storing on shelves in a closet because they’re thick and sturdy, which means they won’t wrinkle or lose their shape by stacking. Besides, sweaters are prone to “hanger bumps” at the shoulders when hung for long periods of time. (Bags are best kept on closet shelves too, rather than hanging, which can stretch out handles.)

3. Buy. Matching. Hangers.

One final word to the wise: once you’ve invested in your beautiful, Kernel closet shelves and rods and drawers, if you haven’t already, invest in some quality matching hangers as well. They’ll not only save space, they’re better for your clothes, and they’re a lot nicer to look at. You won’t regret it.

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