Introducing the Kernel Desk

Yes, friends, we’ve added desks with shelves to the modular line-up, officially expanding our product offerings into the furniture space!

You’ve probably caught onto our obsession with shelves. Shelves were the impetus to creating the Kernel brand: We wanted something we couldn’t find. There was an empty space in the market — between cheap shelving solutions made of poor materials like fiberboard, and the high-end (aka super expensive) shelving systems from mid-century European and American designers — and we set out to fill it.

But since that first foray into developing what would become our beautiful, quality, and modestly priced modular shelf pairs, our mission has evolved a bit; we’re here to improve spaces, one piece of design at a time. So, without further ado, we’re thrilled to introduce the next piece of design: the Kernel Desk.

A modern, functional workspace solution made with the same sleek lines and satin white finish we’re known for, the desktop space allows plenty of room for a laptop or desktop, plus your notebook or sketchpad, obviously a coffee mug, maybe a candle or lamp, and perhaps an inspirational trinket or two. And while it functions perfectly on its own, it can also be integrated within our existing modular system as a desk with shelves.

A couple of other things of note for your desk (or desk with shelves):

Modular Magic

In other words: No legs, no problem. The wall-mounted system means you not only free up floor space, but you’ve also got the option to easily position the desk for sitting, reposition it for standing, or uninstall it altogether if you decide you’d rather redo your modular system featuring a desk with shelves, to just, well, shelves. We call that versatility, in all its glory.  

Elevated Extras

American. Black. Walnut. That’s what brings a touch of warmth to the piece. The solid wood arm rest adds a nod to classic furniture craftsmanship and ages gracefully over time. It’s also beveled to catch any rogue utensils from rolling off the surface. We’ve even created a storage area built into the desk to hide all your cables and power supply (or anything else you want stowed away discreetly).

This desk is as hard-wearing as it is beautiful, and bonus, boasts a lifetime manufacturing guarantee.

Get all the nitty-gritty details about the new Kernel Desk (dimensions, pricing, etc.) on the product page and see how it can pair with our modular shelves. Need a custom solution for your space? Get in touch, we’d be happy to help!

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