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The Benefits and Beauty of Modular Shelving Systems

As anyone who’s lived in one place for a period of time can attest, where there’s space, we’re likely to fill it — whether a studio apartment, a tiny house, or a sizable residence with plenty of square footage. And in a time when we’ve perhaps reached post-peak consumerism, not only are many intentionally trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle and acquire less stuff, but the organization of all the stuff we already have has become a popular wellness trend du jour (case in point: you may recall one of the most talked-about television programs of 2019 was a reality show called “Tidying Up”).  

Which brings us to the humble yet hard-working piece of furniture you never knew you were missing: wall shelves. For spaces big or small, high-quality mounted wall shelves are the ideal design solution for instantly streamlining your living space. And there’s no more quintessential version than a modular shelving system.

While the advantages of modular wall-mounted shelving systems are myriad, we think you’ll be convinced they’re the ideal storage solution by the top three:

The Look

First elevated to icon status with Dieter Rams’ rendition, the 606 Universal Shelving System designed in 1960, the modular wall shelves style is lauded for its less-is-more design (one of 10 design principles championed by Rams). Think sleek steel frames, clean lines, and a perfect balance of form and function. It’s a minimal aesthetic that aligns with any style decor.

The Layout

Modular wall-mounted shelves have the versatility to fit any space and can be configured for your unique needs. Looking to construct a floor-to-ceiling library? Maximizing storage in a home office? Or just need a place to show off some of your favorite decorative objects alongside your prized vinyl collection? You can create bespoke solutions thanks to a mix-and-match system with various sizes and orientation options. Plus, you can add more shelves and increase your storage as needed over time.

The Longevity

Unlike built-in storage, you can take these wall shelves with you and reinstall them if you move — which you’re likely to do at least 9 times after the age of 18. Aside from the financial benefit, you’ll feel better knowing you’ve invested in something that’s built to last, and bonus, doing a small part to reduce the amount of waste in today’s throwaway society. Win-win!

Ready to upgrade your space and get modular? Give our Shelf Pairs a look, or get in touch to talk about a custom solution for your space.

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The Benefits and Beauty of Modular Shelving Systems
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